Let's know 4th of July facts and history

If you not remember date, some day date will do the same. It's not important where you born, How hard you grow up in society, how many times you sleep without eating foods. 

But it's in your hand to show the world that I am capable to change my destiny. Belive me you will became a date that people wants to remember. Today I am going to share 4th of July facts and history.

Some Interesting facts on 4th of July

July 4 is a special day for science. On this day in the year 2012, scientists announced the success in detecting the Higgs boson (God Particle) particle. In Geneva, scientists from the European Organization for Nuclear Research claimed that they had acquired very solid signals of the particle and that is the Higgs boson. 

Apart from this, Swami Vivekananda, who made India's glory in the country and abroad, died on this day in the year 1902. He underlined the rich tradition of Indian philosophy and contemplation by revealing it globally.

1776: US Congress declares independence from Britain.

1827: New York announces the abolition of slavery.

1897: Birth of Alluri Sitaram Raju, the great freedom fighter of Andhra Pradesh.

1898: Birth of the politician Gulzari Lal Nanda, who was temporarily on the post of Prime Minister of India, in Sialkot.

1902: Swami Vivekananda passed away on this day in 1902.

1946: Philippine gained independence from America.

1947: The Indian Independence Bill was proposed in front of the British Parliament on this day. Under which the country was divided into India and Pakistan.

1963: Death of freedom fighter Pingali Venkaiah who designed the tricolour.

1997: NASA's Pathfinder Space Probe landed on the surface of Mars.

2012: Scientists at CERN report that they have discovered the new particle Higgs Boson.

This is some interesting facts about 4th of July facts and history. Let me know if I missed something.