Myths Vs Facts: Are you not a victim of these misconceptions related to Corona?

Myths Vs Facts about corona virus

There are many things to hear and read about the Corona Virus. Which along with fear is also increasing confusion? That is why we have brought to you the truth of a dozen things that do not fit in the case of Corona…

Myths Vs Facts: Are you not a victim of these  misconceptions related to corona? Corona virus is the biggest problem for the world right now. Because of this, many misconceptions about this virus are also spreading rapidly in our society. 

The number of these misconceptions is not 1 or 2, but the entire long list. From this list, we have brought for you 12 such myths and their facts, whose truth everyone wants to know…

Myth 1- Mask can protect against corona.

Fact- No surgical mask is designed to block viral particles. But it can help prevent infected person from spreading the virus. Because it prevents respiratory droplets (fine droplets, which contain viruses.) That are spread during breathing and sneezing.

Sanitizer is better than soap

Myth 2- Hand Sanitizers are more effective than soap 

Fact- While washing hands with soap, the virus not only dies but also gets washed away. If you have dust on your hands, the use of soap instead of hand sanitizer is better.

Mosquito fly and corona

Myth 3- Mosquito can also be the cause of corona outbreak.

Fact- No such evidence has been found so far, on the basis of which it can be said that mosquitoes and flies can also be responsible in spreading the corona virus.

Eating vitamin-C does not cause coronation

Myth 4- Taking vitamin-C does not cause corona.

Fact-vitamin-C increases our body's immunity and helps our immune system in killing the virus. But experts have not found any evidence that taking vitamin-C does not make a person suffer from covid-19 infection. The same applies to green tea and zinc.

Corona can be avoided through cow urine

Myth 5- The corona can be prevented by cow urine.

Fact- According to the Virological Society of India, no concrete evidence has been found so far as to consider Gaumutra to be antiviral.

These herbs prevent the corona from developing.

Myth 6- The corona can be prevented by a sanitizer prepared from Giloy, turmeric and basil.

According to the Fact-World Health Organization, alcohol-based hand senitizers are effective in killing the corona virus. While there is no confirmation about Giloy, turmeric and basil.

Herbal Tea Can Protect From Corona

Myth 7- Drinking tea does not cause coronation.

Fact- It is true that tea contains methyl xanthines, which reduces the effects of the virus. But in the case of corona virus, it has not been confirmed yet that it ends by drinking tea.

Eating non-veg causes corona

Myth 8 - Eating non-vegs can cause corona.

Fact- It is not yet confirmed that eating fish, chicken or egg can cause corona. However, our body gets protein from these things.

Children do not have corona

Myth 9 - This disease does not occur in children.

Fact- According to the data so far, the infection of this disease has reduced in children, but because of this we cannot say that this disease does not occur in children. Rather, it may be due to less exposure in children compared to adults.

Pets may cause corona

Myth 10- Pets can also spread corona.

Fact- There is no confirmation yet that dogs and cats may also be infected with corona. However, we must wash our hands after touching our pets as our safety right now.

gargling does not cause corona

Myth 11- Gargling and mouthwash do not cause corona.

Fact-scientists have not yet found any such solid foundation, given that it may be said that the ingestion of salt or beta dine and using mouthwash do not cause corona infection. But they can be helpful in killing other microbes.

Youth need not be afraid of Corona

Myth 12- It is a fatal disease only for children and old people.

Fact- Corona infects people of all ages. But the risk of life is higher in people who are suffering from old or any other fatal disease like asthma, diabetes, blood pressure etc.

Why trust these facts?

News Source: The facts highlighted here are taken from research papers and studies released by the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Johns Hopkins University, with new information coming from experts in the continuing research on the corona virus. Is being shared.

Note: Follow WHO instruction  about corona virus or follow government instruction. Do not belive in any rumours.