Interesting Facts About Animals

Animals are always part of our life knowingly or unknowingly. We pet dogs , cats and other animals too. Here we are going to share some Interesting Facts About Animals.

So Let's start the Interesting Facts About Animals

1. The sea buck found in China is so small that you can uplift it on the palm.

2. Gorillas also have cold and other diseases like humans.

3. The ostrich can run faster than a horse and roar like a lion.

4. A wild lion kills only 20 animals in a year

5. 90% hunting does not lion but lioness

6. Turtles, sea snakes, crocodiles and dolphins can drown if they go deep into the sea.

7. About half of the world's pigs are raised by Chinese farmers

8. Dog's eyesight faster than humans

9. Snake is carnivorous because it eats small mosquitoes and insects

10. Chicken is an animal that people eat before they are born.

11. The cow can sleep while standing but the cow can only lie down in dreams

12. Gongs can live beyond 100 years

13. During World War II, America trained batsmen to drop bombs.

14. Animals urinate 30 times more  than humans

15. The ant never sleeps and the ant doesn't have lungs

16. Arsenic is found in apple and pear seeds, which can cause the dog to die.

17. Blue whale weighs 30 times that of an elephant.

Have you ever heard such a thing about them!

18. Unlike our sleeping methods, the frogs sleep with their eyes open.

19. If any organism can dance properly after humans, it is a paddock. In 2014, scientists invented 14 different types of dancing frogs.

20. A human can live without drinking water for at most one week. But do you know! A frog does not drink water even once in its life.

21. In fact, the frog fulfills its water needs by soaking water from its skin. The frog's eye can look 360 degrees all around. So you cannot avoid their eyesight.

Elephants Facts 

22. Elephants sleep only for 2 to 3 hours in a day and at bedtime their sleep is so deep that they do not even wake up with a loud sound.

23. An adult elephant can run at a speed of 40 km per hour. Therefore it is very difficult for a human being to run away from them for a long time.

24. A human can usually live for up to 280 days in pregnancy. But an elephant can live for 730 days in pregnancy.

25. Elephants can feel the right place and danger of water from 19 km. You will be surprised to know that the world's most expensive coffee is made from the feces of a special species elephant found in Thailand.

The Australian Kangaroo Facts

26. Kangaroos used to appear around the world at some time. But today only four types of their species appear in Australia.

27. The ancestors of Kangaroos used to live on pads like monkeys. At that time, kangaroos living in 8 types of trees were seen.

BONUS: Whenever two kangaroos meet each other for the first time, both of them express their joy of meeting their noses by rubbing them. Really weird!

Snake Facts

28. Snakes snake too much (even up to several kilometres). Unlike our noses, he can smell anything with his tongue.

Another interesting thing related to snakes is their ears.

29. Most organisms have ears in the outer part of the body. But the snake's ear is inside the body, that is, inside the brain. Therefore, do not make the mistake of considering them as good.

30. Some snakes can live for two years without eating food. We can live for only one month without food.

Camel Facts

31. The number of bones present in our neck and camel is same. There are total 7 types of bones in our neck.

32. If you are asked, can you touch your nose with your tongue? So, maybe your answer will be no. But do you know that camels take out their tongues and clean not only their nose but also their ears through it. Their tongue is black in colour.

33. Camels eat, drink, sleep and even give birth to children. Rarely in life would he sit to rest.

34. Like the annual rings of a tree, their age is estimated by the black markings made on the camel's body. The thicker the colour of that mark, the greater the age of the camel.

This is some facts I have shared with you people, Hope you like it. Please comment below if you want to add something and make sure to share with you friends...