What is Area 51

What is Area-51?

Area-51 is a very intelligence place of America, about which it is said that research on aliens is done here and aliens come here. Until a few years ago, America denied the existence of any such place. But in the year 2013, the US has made certain documents public, believing that 'Area-51' is its special testing area, where things like UFO are also tested.

Facts about Area-51

You must have heard the name of Area 51. It is considered to be the world's most mysterious place located in Nevada, USA. At the moment, this place remains a topic of discussion all over social media, as a company called 'immersive entertainment' has announced a raid on Area 51, in the hope that there will be aliens. The company has also announced that the entire event will be broadcast live on social media.

The company claims that aliens or aliens held hostage in Area 51 will be freed. According to media reports, people have also started gathering to infiltrate the area. People say that they will go after seeing the alien. Now the question arises as to whether aliens have been held hostage in Area 51? If not, why is this place so mysterious and outsiders have no information about this place?

According to reports, Area 51 has a US Air Force base, but what happens inside it is kept completely secret. There are warning boards installed in many places, all the time surveillance is done with CCTV cameras. Apart from this, armed guards are deployed to guard the entire area. Even the flight of aircraft over Area 51 is prohibited.

According to the BBC, Area 51 was built to test and develop aircraft during the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union. Though it was opened in the year 1955, people did not know about this place for many years. Its existence was first officially acknowledged by the CIA in 2013. Four months later, then US President Barack Obama also publicly mentioned Area 51.

It is believed that the US military uses Area 51 to develop state-of-the-art aircraft. Approximately 1,500 people are believed to work there, many of whom arrive by chartered plane from Las Vegas.

This area often remains the center of discussion because it is believed that research work is done on aliens from other planets. Many people have even claimed that they have seen the unidentified flying object (UFO) flying there many times.

What is a Storm Area 51 event and who created it?

Three Facebook pages named 'Shitposting cause im in shambles', 'SmyleeKun' and 'The Hidden Sound' together created an event and named it 'Storm Area 51' ie Intruder in Area 51 and on September 20 at 3 pm Have to go between 6 o'clock.

So far, more than 13 lakh people have agreed to go to this event.

The popularity of this event on social media raised the ears of the American Airforce. Discussions broke out on social media. Discussions started between the people who formed the theory of conscience and the makers of the memes got the content.

By the way, this event is not being taken seriously and it is being said that it is made just for fun. This is known by the description of this event.

In the description of 'Storm Area 51' it is written, 'We will all meet at the Alien Center of Area 51 and find a way to get inside. If we run like Naruto, we will be able to run faster than his (army) bullets. Let's see the alien. '

What is Naruto Run?

'Naruto Run' is a Japanese cartoon called Naruto's way of running. In this, both the hands of the racer are at the back and he runs very fast.

Aliens Facts

What is Area 51

Astronomers Margaret Turnbull and Jill Tarter have selected 17,129 stars and their circles where there can be aliens or any possibility of life.

According to scientists, life on any planet can happen only when that planet is about 3 billion years old, probably life in any new planet is the reason why we have not got it till date.

In 1960, a scientist named Frank Drake tried to contact the aliens for the first time. Around 85 feet of radio dish was used at that time to listen to the signals coming from them.

Not knowing how many universities are used every year in such a way that they will be able to contact the aliens, but every time the disappointment comes from the aliens.

Aliens are not the only ones that we see in movies, aliens can be any kind of Diu, microbe, it is not necessarily the same as any creature on Earth.

So far in many private projects, more than 1000 stars have been tested to see if there are any signs of being an alien. It costs about $ 5 million dollars every year to contact the aliens.

Alien is the only subject that does not know how much research and theories come every year. There are many types of differences among scientists as well.

People are liking the Alien house, which gives the feel of being in space

scientists and logicians around the world debate about aliens. Many believe that if they exist, many scientists deny them. This interest in aliens is still 100 years old. 100 years ago no one paid much attention to these. As the work of science and space combined in the 20th century, the debate over aliens also started.

Aliens used to call creatures from another world and from a place which is not on our earth. We can call aliens any other planet and any other creature from the solar system. Although many times people have claimed to have seen aliens, but they were never confirmed, but most of them remained false claims.

Some scientists who do research on aliens make different claims, according to them, aliens have come to this earth and they have been imprisoned for research at a particular place. This particular place is located 80 miles northwest of the North American city of Las Vegas. This secret place is known as Area 51 Area 51. This is a very mysterious place created by the US government, about which the government does not tell anything about it.

Alien's body has been found here

According to a claim made in the year 1947, a UFO crashed at this place. The body of an alien was also recovered. This alien was 4 feet and looked like a manless. It is said that research is still going on in some part of Area 51.

There is no information about this place in the map of America

There has been so much secrecy about this place that even a map of the US government has no information about it. And many years ago when it was shown on one map, that map was immediately replaced by another. Because the US government never wants anyone to know about Area 51.

This place is dangerous

If your life here is saved by aliens and nuclear weapons, you are still in danger. Actually, many poisonous materials have been dumped in an unsafe manner at this place. Because of this, people living here range from skin diseases to cancer.

Humans have restrictions at this place (Area 51 )

Area 51 is a place which is completely prohibited from visiting common people. Fences have been erected around this area so that no animals and humans could enter in by mistake or deception. Security personnel armed with sophisticated weapons roam around the enclosures.

All those who had houses around this area were forcefully evacuated by the American Military Force. The reason was not disclosed to anyone, but whoever refused to vacate the place was made to do so by intimidating them at gunpoint.

There are many restrictions on this place, the government often wants to keep it a top secret. It is written on every hoarding here that any banned man will be shot on sight.

The USAF warned that Area 51 "is an open training range for the US Air Force, and we would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed forces".