Top 51 Technology Facts 

Top 51 Technology Facts

I have done some research and got some bizarre and interesting facts about technology, I am presenting those facts to you now and hope that these facts will definitely help you in the future! These facts all about Computer, Mobile, Socail Networking, Internet & Email Facts! 

1 to 10 Technology Facts

1. Red pandas which are mainly native to the Himalayas and south-western China! What you see in the logo of Firefox Browser is actually not a fox but a red panda! The red panda in English is called 'Firefox', that's why this browser was named 'Firefox' after that red panda!

2. The first apple logo was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton! When he was sitting under a tree and an apple fell on his head!

3. Do not cut the grass grown in the garden of Google's California Headquarter with a machine, but let the grass graze the goats!

4. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, was kicked out of college! (Drop out from College).

5. Bill Gates' house was designed by a Macintosh computer!

6. The word 'Robot' is derived from the Czech word 'robota'! Which means forced work or labor!

7. CDs and compact discs play from the inside out while vice versa while recording!

8. You cannot force a Bitcoin into a transaction or payment!

9. A person running a computer daily blinks the eyelids seven times in 1 minute while a normal person blinks the eyelashes 20 times in 1 minute!

10. The first VCR, made in 1956, was of a piano shape!

11 to 21 Technology Facts

11. On an average weekday, a typist's fingers travel 12.6 miles or 20.27 km in a full day!

12. First alarm clock only 4am. It used to ring only!

13. 'Computer Security Day' is celebrated on 30th November!

14. April 1, 2005 NASA has mischievously said that they have discovered water on Mars!

15. Radio took 38 years to reach 50 lakh people!

16. It took 13 years for Television to reach 5 million people!

17. It took the iPod only 3 years to reach 50 million people!

18. First of all, he had to sit continuously in front of the camera for 8 hours to take a photo!

19. The electric chair was invented by a dentist 'Alfred Southwick'!

20. The creators of the PNG file format wanted it to be called 'ping'!

21. Skype is banned in China!

Social Networking Facts

22. Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg cannot see red and green.

23. 20% of all youtube videos are related to music.

24. If you find a bug in the security of Facebook, then Facebook gives you a reward of $ 500.

25. According to an estimate, one out of every eight pair in the US mixes online.

26. If someone on Twitter has 1 lakh or more followers, then he is known as "Millionaire"

27. Facebook, Twitter and youtube are all banned in China.

28. Google's first tweet was in February 2009 and written "focused 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010." In English it is translated as "feeling feeling lucky".

29. google + was developed under the "emerald sea".

30. MySpace Ever heard it has over 200 million registered users.

31. It took 2 years for Facebook to reach 5 million users.

32. 60% of Linkedln members have subscribed to KK clicking on its advertisement.

Mobile Phone Facts

33. When the Phantom Vibration Syndrome is named, a person thinks that his phone vibrates but does not actually move.

34. Headphones have magnets.

35. Only 25% people can type without looking at the keyboard.

36. Battery is damaged by using the charging phone, so the phone's charger is small.

37. In 1973 the first call was made by 'Martin Cooper' from a mobile phone, he was an employee of the Motorola company at the time.

38. Nokia was founded in 1865 and its primary business was paper manufacturing.

39. Nokia's first mobile phone was released in 1980.

40. The first commercial text message was sent in December 1992.

41. At present, the total number of messages sent per day is more than the total population of the earth.

42. Half the world has never made a phone call.

43. The first mobile phone number is 666-6666 which was sold at auction for & 2.7 million.

44. Actually, the design of the first iPhone was of an apple shape.

Internet & Email Facts

45. Email is the world's oldest comprehensive web.

46. In 2004, email first used @ as its symbol (Symbol).

47. The first domain name was registered on 15 March 1985.

48. According to the Anti-abuse working group, 88 to 92% of emails were spam emails by 2010.

49. Anthony Greco was first arrested in 2005 for sending spam emails.

50. Mark Andreessen released "Netscape Navigator" in 1994! At that time 90% people used internet from this browser.

51. There is a transaction of about $ 680 on eBay every second.

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