Interesting Facts About Eyes

It is needless to say that eyes are such an important part of our body. It is only with our eyes that we can see this color -You can enjoy the colorful world.

The eye is a natural gift that helps us see beautiful things around us. After the brain, the eye is the most complex part of our body and today I am going to tell you  Interesting facts about eyes.

There are many things related to the eyes that you may not already know. In this post, we will surprise you with Interesting and amazing facts about eyes.

We will tell you things which will increase your general knowledge about the eyes and will also give some entertaining information.

Interesting and amazing facts about eyes

1. A normal human eye can recognize 10 million colors.

2. If a human eye were a camera, its capacity would be equal to 576 megapixels.

3. Muscles that control our eyes are more active than all the muscles of the rest of our body.

4. We have 1.2 million fibers in one eye.

Eye facts for kids

5. When babies are born, they cannot shed their tears while crying, only after 5 to 6 weeks they can shed tears while crying.

6. The size of our eyeball remains the same size from birth till death.

7. Do you know that our eyes can see only 3 colors - Red, Blue, Green, and all other colors are made up of them.

8. It takes just 2 milliseconds to focus our eyes.

9. The eye is the only organ in our body in which even a minor injury (such as cornea scratch) is cured within about 48 hours.

10. More than half the work of our brain takes place only to see through eyes.

11. The hairs above our eyes (eyebrow) change after every 64 days and they become new.

12. When we see something surprising, then our eyes become 45 percent bigger.

13. Most humans have brown eyes.

14. The eye uses 65 percent energy of the brain, which is more than any other part.

15. Dogs do not find any difference in red and green color.

16. An owl is an animal that cannot rotate its eyeball.

owl eyes

17. People who are blind from birth never dream.

18. Goldfish cannot close their eyes because they do not have eyelashes.

Goldfish eye

19. An owl is the only bird that can recognize a blue color.

20. The weight of one eye of humans is up to 8 grams.

21. you got surprised to know that Honeybee has five eyes.

Honey bee eyes

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