interesting fact about  science

Interesting facts about science

interesting facts about science :  if you think you know everything so you are wrong. If you think you have science so you definitely know everything then also you are totally wrong. 

This universe is full of amazing things. Science even don't know anything about that. It is a little hard to believe, but it is closer to the truth that even today there are some such things in the world.

Which remains beyond science and scientists. Science is still trying to solve many puzzles of human body.

Many scientists keep doing weird experiments in the name of science. I'm going to share some interesting facts about science that definitely blow your mind.

 interesting fact about  science

Facts related to science

1. It takes 40,000 years for photons to reach the surface of the Sun from the middle of the Sun. But only 8 minutes from the surface of the Sun to the Earth.

2. If a human's DNA is completely opened, it will be so long that we will be able to measure the distance from Pluto to the Sun, and then from Pluto to the Sun.

interesting facts about dna

3. Scientists have not yet been able to determine what the color of dinosaurs was.

4. A day on the planet Venus is larger than a year on Earth.

5. For your information, tell-40 ° F is equal to -40 ° C.

6. The density of the planet Saturn is so low that if Saturn is poured into it by filling a huge glass pot with water, it will float in it.

7. An electric balm fish (electric eel) can generate up to 650 volts of electricity. Touch it and  get the biggest shock of your life!

8. No matter how low the temperature, gasoline never freezes.

9. When you climb a straight mountain you have three times the weight of your body on your knees.

10. An egg looks like a crazy jellyfish underwater.

11. Wind does not make a sound when it does not move against an object.

12. In an entire lifetime, the average person walks the equivalent of five times around the world.

13. A person can live a month without eating but 7 days without water. If the amount of water in the body is 4 percent If you become less, you start feeling thirsty. If this quantity falls below 0 percent then you will die.

14. So far, only one artificial satellite has been destroyed by the meteorite. This satellite european space egency Was the olympics.

15. According to albert einstein we see millions of stars in the night sky, there are no places but somewhere else.  The light left by him is many millions of years ago.

16. It is generally taught in classes that the speed of light is 3 lakh kilometers per second. But actually    the speed is 2,99,792 kilometers per second. This equals 86,287 miles per second.

17. In October 1992, a snowball as large as the size of London was separated from the antarctic.

18. If we want to go to our nearest galaxy at the speed of light, it will take us 20 years.

19. The world's heaviest metal is osmium. Its 2 feet long, wide and high silli weighs the  same as an elephant.

20. When ice is being formed from water, about 0% of the water then flies away. That's why the water on the tray in our fridge Gets stored.

21. Neutron stars are so dense that they have the same size as a golf ball but the mass (weight) is 90 billion Kg.

22. A single solar flare can release the equivalent energy of millions of 100-megaton atomic bombs.

23. More than 800 billion neutrons released by the Sun must have passed through your body by the time you have read this sentence.

24. Neutron stars are so dense that they have the same size as a golf ball but the mass (weight) is 90 billion Kg.

25. If the size of the Earth is as much as a pea, then Jupiter will be 300 meters away from it and Pluto is 2.5 kilometers. But You will not see Pluto because then its size will be like a bacteria.

26. More than 800 billion neutrons released by the Sun must have passed through your body by the time you have read this sentence.

27. One-third of the world's electricity generation is spent on getting light only by forces.

28. Every hour the universe spreads more than 1 billion miles in all directions.

29. When we sneak, it travels at a speed of 100 miles per hour.

30. The average human body carries ten times more bacterial cells than human cells.

interesting facts about science

31.At over 2,000 kilometers long, The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on Earth.

This is some interesting facts about science. We will share some more interesting facts in this series if you loved this article so please share with your friends. 

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