Interesting facts about Jamaica

Interesting facts about Jamaica. Jamaica is the 140th most populous country in the world and has an area of 10,991 sq km. It is an island country located in the middle of the sea, located in the Caribbean Sea.

The capital of Jamaica is Kingston and is also known as Jamaica's largest city (Jamaica Facts). The official language of this country is English. For your information, let us know where the Jamaican Dollar (JMD) currency in Jamaica goes.

1. Jamaica is an independent island country, and is ruled by the British Commonwealth. This means that Queen Elizabeth II is the ruler of Jamaica, who oversees this country through her government governor general.

2. Jamaica is the third largest island country of the Greater Antilles, whose citizens love to drink coconut water, rum and soft drinks.

3. Jamaica is known worldwide for rap and hip-hop music. For your information, tell us, world famous English Singer Bob Marley also comes from Jamaica.

4. Jamaica is predominantly Christian inhabited, but the Jewish residents of Jamaica are among the oldest on the island.

5. Blue Mountain Coffee, which is one of the finest coffee brands in the world, is grown only in the country of Jamaica.

6. The natives of Jamaica cultivate corn, Jamaican sugarcane, bananas and mangoes the most, the demand for Jamaican sugarcane and bananas is high in the world.

7. The first commercial producer of bananas in Western countries was Jamaica.

8. More than 200 species of Exotic Orchid are found in Jamaica, for your information, tell you, Exotic Orchid is a species of flower like Lily flower found in India, which is auspicious to keep at home.

9. Where Jamaica is also known as a country of beautiful women, do you know that Jamaica is truly a country of the most beautiful women in the world with 3 winners and 3 runners-up in Miss World competitions.

10. Jamaica launched its first website in 1994, named jamaicaTravel .com.

Interesting facts about Jamaica
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11. Kingston Harbor of Jamaica is the seventh largest natural harbor in the world.

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12. In 1688, Jamaica was the first British colonial region to establish a postal service.

13. People of Jamaica love to eat moss, they like to eat from fish to red meat.

14. Jamaican people eat chicken with great fervor and chicken is their staple food in daily meals.

15. The fastest runner in the world, known as Usain Bolt, is a native of Jamika.

16. Family is highly valued in Jamaican culture and includes aunts, uncles, cousins, and people close to grandparents.

17. Jamaica is the largest English speaking island in the Caribbean. Although the national language of Jamaica is English, most people speak Patois, which is an English-based Creole language.

18. In 1962, Jamaica was the first Caribbean country to gain independence from the United Kingdom, and despite claiming independence, Jamaica considered it a right to remain a member of the Commonwealth, under which Queen Elizabeth's authority still operates on this country.

19. Rum is the national beverage of Jamaica, this beverage has been an important part of Jamaica history since the 17th century.

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20. Jamaica was the first country to officially impose economic sanctions against apartheid regime, under which the country took a number of historical steps to eradicate the black gore.

21. Over the years, Jamaica has consistently been ranked in the top five of the world's top tourist destinations.

22. There are more than 50 beautiful public beaches around the island of Jamaica which are open to tourists at all times, the most famous of which is Negril and Doctor’s Cave Beach which is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

23. The total population of Jamaica is 2,990,561 (as of 2017) and the literacy rate of this country is 88.7%.

24. Jamaica's total GDP is $ 14.8 billion, and its per capita income is $ 5,402.

25. Jamaica's economy is a mixed economy focused on agriculture, tourism, mining and manufacturing, more than half of this country's economy comes from tourism.

26. Jamaica's government is a parliamentary democracy type under constitutional monarchy, and headed by Queen Elizabeth.

27. In the late 1990s, the Jamaican economy was severely damaged and at that time GDP fell badly, after which the citizens of Jamaica tried to stabilize GDP with more emphasis on agriculture, in which it succeeded are.

28. Jamaica also has a thriving aviation industry focused on manufacturing and refining aircraft.

29. The climate of Jamaica is tropical with moist weather and this country has high temperatures throughout the year.

30. In Jamaica, families run under the leadership of women. Mothers are responsible for raising children and supporting their families.

31. Jamaicans do not use modern medical techniques to treat their diseases, rather these people cure their diseases with food, natural remedies and power based meditation.

32. More than 90% of Jamaica residents are of African descent.

33. In Jamaica also, like other countries of the world, slavery was burning in ancient times, under which the poor people had to live as slaves to their owners from generation to generation, but in 1834 this country abolished slavery. During that time one million slaves were freed.

34. The flag of Jamaica is black, green and yellow, in which black color - pain, green color - agriculture and