Interesting fact about Iraq

Interesting fact about Iraq this topic we are going to cover with some interesting facts, Well there is a lot to learn about Iraq, but still people are nothing know more than just terrorism and terror, Iraq has given many things to the world along with ISIS, some of which we can use in daily life as well.

Let's Know about "interesting fact about Iraq"

1. One of the popular stories, "Ali Baba and the Chalis Chor", was written in Iraq. Interesting facts. Accordingly, the story was written about 4,000 years ago.

2. Iraq gave the world the first map and calendar.

3. Let me tell you that isis is nothing in front of the Iraqi army. Isis own to maintain its existence Mini  government. Now it is the most dreaded terrorist organization in the world.

4. Do you know that the wheel was invented in Iraq itself.

5. Beekeeping has been practiced in Iraq for 5 thousand years. Beekeeping for Nearly All Iraqi Families'  a big source of food and income.

6. There was a lot of greenery and swamp here 5000 years ago, but gradually it turned into a desert.

7. Millions of people were killed in the Iran-Iraq war during 4980–88. Iraq was declared bankrupt by this war. In need of money, dictator Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait with the aim of seizing the oil field. But, the American alliance.

The troops drove Saddam out of Kuwait. However, he was allowed to remain in power in Iraq.

8. Once upon a time, Iraq's schools and colleges were considered the best in the Arab world.

9. Saddam Hussein introduced a law under which a person, protecting the honor of the family. If kills any woman, then he will be absolved.results of this law is, After 2003, Iraq registered a huge increase in honor killing cases.

10. More than half of the marriages in Iraq are between cousins.

11. Prior to 2003, the Zoo of Baghdad used to be the largest zoo in the Middle East. Then there are more than 600. There were animals. After the invasion of Iraq, the robbers looted all the animals except 50 animals.

12. It is believed that superstitions related to black cats were born in Iraq.

interesting facts about Iraq war

13. In 2003 a coalition of 35 countries attacked Iraq simultaneously. However, countries like France and Germany in the war  Was refused to join.

14. Iraq is the first country in the world to say that there are 60 minutes in 4 hours and 4 minutes 60 seconds.

15. Telling about fate on the basis of constellations also begins with Iraq.

16. 42 hours day and 2 hours night have started from Iraq.

18. Scientists have confirmed 112,500,000,000 barrels of crude oil reserves under Iraq's land. World in Iraq Has the second largest oil reserves.

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