53 General Knowledge questions and answers on Solar System

General Knowledge questions and answers on Solar System

What is an astronomical distance? - Distance between Earth and Sun

 Who discovered the solar system? - Copernicus

 Nix Olympia, the highest mountain in the Solar System, is located on? -Mars.

What distance is a light year equal to? - 9.46 × 1012 km

 What is the relatively cold part of the Sun, which has a temperature of 1500 ° C? - solar blur

Which planet is called 'Red Planet'? - To Mars

 In what form is the termination of giant stars supposed? - Krishna as Hole

which planet has rings around -   Saturn 

Which is the largest satellite of Saturn? - Titan

Which planet is surrounded by the most gases? - Uranus

 Which planet is called a lying planet? - Uranus

 Which planet in the solar system takes less time than all the planets to rotate on its axis? - Jupiter

Which planet has maximum revolutions around the sun? - Neptune

Which side of the tail is always on the tail? - Away from the Sun (opposite)

 What are the 'earth planets'? - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars

Which are the farthest and closest planets from the Sun? - Neptune and Mercury respectively

 What is 'Pluto'? - A dwarf planet

 Which planet is called 'morning star'? - to Venus

Which planet is called 'evening star'? - to Venus

 Which is the brightest planet in the solar system? - Venus

What is the lowest density planet? - Saturn

What is the reason for the sun's red color being set? - Scattering of light in the Earth's atmosphere

What percentage of the Moon is visible from the Earth? - 57%

 What is the position of the earth in order of distance from the sun? - third

Which planet is called 'blue planet'? - Earth

Who discovered the planet Uranus? - by William Herschel

Which planets revolve from east to west? - Venus and Uranus

 Ganymede is the satellite of which planet? - Jupiter

How many constellations are there in space? - 89

How much is the surface temperature of the Sun estimated? - 6000 ° C

 What is the percentage of hydrogen in the sun's chemical mixture? - 81%

Which planet is called the 'God of Beauty'? - to Venus

Which is the coldest planet in the solar system? - Neptune

How many years after the Heli tail star appears? - 76 years

In which year is the heli-tail star likely to be seen? - in 2062

When was the last Heli tail star appeared? - 1986 A.D.

 Who propounded the laws of motion of the planets? - Kepler

Which planets lie between Mars and Uranus? - Jupiter and Saturn

At what mean velocity does the Earth revolve around the Sun on its orbit? - 30km / s

Which one phase is most relevant to the presence of life on Mars? - The presence of ice components and ice water

Which element is highest in the sun? - Hydrogen

What is a meteorite? - The fraction of matter entered into the Earth's atmosphere from outer space

 Which nuclear fuel is in the sun? - Hydrogen

Which method do we use in determining the age of the Earth? - Uranium Dating

 What does Udaya represent the evening star? - East direction

 Which planet is most intense in the solar system? - Wed

 In how many days does Mercury complete one revolution of the Sun? - 88 days

The region of extreme gravity located in the center of our galaxy, which Pulls each substance towards itself, what is it called? - Krishna weaver (black hole)

 Which is the largest satellite of the planet Jupiter? - Ganymede

The Earth rotates on its axis, who first propounded it? - Copernicus

Which planet has the most satellites? - of Jupiter

What is the name of the outermost surface of the Sun? - Corona

What is the name of the first robot spacecraft sent to explore Venus? - Magellan